TKUSA Publications

Working under the support and advisory of the English Department, our student editors produce student papers throughout the year and the creative arts book each year!

Both publications are created by students, for students and have been in circulation for over 30 years.


Our student editors and writers produce our monthly student newspaper, The Chronicle. The Chronicle offers a student perspective on what is happening on campus, in the city and around the world. It is a great opportunity to exercise your journalism passion and explore topics and issues important to students.

Want to join our Chronicle team? Email our editor to learn more

Curated and published by a team of student editors, Ballyhoo is the annual creative arts publication of The King’s University, featuring poetry, creative writing, and visual art. Students, staff, and alumni contribute to Ballyhoo each year. Keep an eye out on campus for submission, ordering, and publication deadlines, or consider enrolling to edit this year’s edition.

Interested in submitting your art to our annual book? Contact our editors to learn more: