Student Health Care Plan

TKUSA works with We Speak Student to offer an affordable health insurance plan to all our full-time students.

Like most Universities, all full-time students are automatically enrolled each fall and your plan runs from September 1 – August 30 each academic year.

How Do I Access My Health Plan?

There are two ways to access the plan:

  1. For direct billing, use the following info at your healthcare provider if they accept ClaimSecure:

                   Provider: ClaimSecure

                   Group Number: 514055

                   Your Certificate Number: 00_ _ _ _ _ _ KU (00 your 6-digit student id followed by KU)

  1. If your Healthcare provider does not accept ClaimSecure, you will have to make a claim, view the video for claim actions and download the app to make claims easily throughout the course of your plan.

How Do I Submit A Plan?

Already have health insurance through work or a family member?

If you currently have alternative coverage, you may opt-out BEFORE September 30th each year and a refund will be issued by November. You must opt out each year.

To opt-out, you must provide proof of alternative insurance (besides Alberta Health Care) Opt Out online via the WeSpeak website by clicking the opt out tab and completing the application.

Annual Fee:

The health care fee for the 2023-24 year is $322.56


Coverage Period
  • September start students: September 1 – August 31
  • January start students: January 1 – August 31
What is Covered?


  • 90% co-insurance
  • $10 dispensing fee
  • MAX: $3000


  • Basic & preventative: 70%
  • Minor Resorative: 30%
  • Extractions (limit 2 wisdom teeth): 30%
  • Major Restorative: 20%
  • MAX: $750

Extended Health Care:

  • Vision: 100% coverage for a general eye exam, $150 for prescribed lenses and frames or contact lenses every 24 consecutive months.

Paramedical Practioners:

  • 80%, $35 per treatments
  • MAX: $300


  • 80%
  • MAX: $200
Can I add family members?

For an additional fee, you are able to add family members (spouse and/or dependents) to the plan.  Visit to complete the family application form by the required deadline.  Please verify you have entered all information correctly, print & keep your confirmation number.

Can I coordinate benefits with another plan?

Benefits under two insurance plans can be co-ordinated to increase your coverage up to a total of 100%. For example, if you have other coverage in place following payment under this plan, you can submit outstanding balances to the other plan for consideration.

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